New Manual cheer uniforms support Breast Cancer Awareness Month


The Manual Cheer Team bought new cheer uniforms for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. They have been wearing the black and pink jerseys to every game in October.

“Everyone likes them because we could pick the numbers we put on our back,” Cameron Mader (10), a cheerleader on the team, said

Holly Logsdon, the coach, came up with the idea for the jerseys. They wear them with black pants instead of their usual red and black Manual cheer skirt and top. They are wearing these jerseys instead on participating in a walk like previous years.

“I first saw the jerseys and I was surprised, but then I saw that it was for breast cancer awareness, and they’re so cute,” Merryl Lloy (11), a fan of the cheerleading team, said.

Each member of the team had to buy his or her own jersey. The whole cost of the attire was $40.