The Dazzlers prepare for their first competition


The Dazzlers are preparing for their first competition scheduled for Nov. 3 at Floyd Central High School. The Floyd Central Dance Championship is the largest local competition in which the Dazzlers will compete this year. Many Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana teams are attending this event. “The Dazzlers expect lots of tough competition,” said Kitty Cianfoni (Booster Club President). The Dazzlers are competing in the hip-hop category.

“As of now we still have work to do to prepare for the competition, but we will spend all of our practices on preparing for it. When it is time for Floyd Central, we will be ready and we will be confident about the dance,” said Mary Dyche (10).

In the past, the main competition for the Dazzlers was Eastern High School. The team expects the same level of competition from Eastern this year. “They have really good technique and they use that to their advantage,” said Hailee Cianfoni (11).

At state last year, the Dazzlers beat Eastern in the hip-hop division, but Eastern beat Manual’s team in the jazz category. An interesting aspect of the Eastern/Manual dance team rivalry is that the teams get along. Many of the girls on both teams dance for the same AllStar team, Vision, a competitive dance studio.

Dazzlers, Kitty Cianfoni, Mary Dyche, Hailee Cianfoni