Manual field hockey players win All Tournament award


Allie Judge (10) and Taylor Browning (11) won the All Tournament award for field hockey after winning in the Pumpkin tournament game against Ballard at KCD Last Friday.

After the field hockey team defeated Ballard 4-1 for third place in the tournament, Judge and Browning received plaques for playing well throughout the whole tournament.

“We were the only steady defense in the whole tournament!,” said Browning.

“We have a lot of great girls on our JV team and only two girls from each team get the award so I was surprised that it was me,” said Judge, who started playing field hockey when she was in the fourth grade.

The head coach gave Judge and Browning the awards while the team was at Tony BoomBozz celebrating the victory.

“I consider it my job to play hard for my team and I don’t expect an award for it,” said Browning.

Judge and Browning has been major contributors to the team and their victories also.

“They’re always there, like the spine of the team. Giving directions and saving us from disaster,” said Taylor Hayes (10) a friend and teammate to Judge and Browning.

“That was my last game with JV and the coach pulled me up to varsity, so I’m really looking forward to the future,” said Judge.

“The reward built my confidence but that’s not my main goal my goal is to work hard for next season.” said Browning.