Manual’s Swim and Dive team loses its only diver


duPont Manual High School lost their only diver when Megan Lyvers graduated last year and the school has no one to replace her this year. Manual’s swim team has 62 swimmers but no divers.

“There are multiple swim clubs in Louisville with over 200 kids in each but the only diving program in Louisville has around 20 kids, which means there aren’t many divers in the county,”JC Barnett, who is Manual’s swim coach, said.

Some may be confused on how Manual’s swim team can continue on without any divers since it is the Manual Swim and Dive team, but diving is an event within swimming, and schools are not required to participate in diving competitions.

“I wish we had a diver on the team like we did last year but most schools don’t have any divers anyways so it isn’t that weird for Manual not to have one either,” said Grace Roth, a sophomore at Manual who has been on the swim team for two years.

Coach Barnett did mention that there are two current Manual students who have inquired about diving but nothing is official yet.