Lady Crimsons continue training for upcoming softball season


Manual’s softball team is still conditioning on Mondays and Wednesdays for the approaching spring season.

Conditioning right now consists of understanding and improving the basics of the game, cardiovascular exercises, and running sprints on the track.

This kind of conditioning will last until the week after Thanksgiving, when the girls will get a short break from softball. Then it will pick back up in January, and the team will meet three times a week to work out in the weights room and run on Manual’s track.

In January there will be a bigger focus on increasing muscle power. The girls will lift weights, do exercises such as squats, and abs strengthening. The team will also do more distance running on the track.

Returning team member Clare Hachten (10) looks forward to January, “when we will focus mostly on strength rather than stamina.”

The players are looking forward to beginning the spring season. “I think this year we’ll be better than last because we have become more competitive,” said returning team member Sophie Humphrey (10).