OPINION: Football team had a disappointing season

Graham Manuel

The school’s football season ended on Nov. 2 after a 40-21 loss to Madison Central. So, how did we do this season?

Well, this was not a very good year for the Crimsons. This has actually been the worst year since before the 2004-2005 season, which is the last year scores can be found on maxpreps.com, a popular source for high school sports. The last time the football team did even close to this badly was in the 2009-2010 season when the team went 5 and 7, giving it a win percentage of 41.7%.

This year, Manual went 4 and 7, which gave it a win percentage of 36.4%. They went 3 and 2 at home and 1 and 4 on the road. Manual football was able to pull out wins against Fern Creek 14-7, Seneca 31-6, at that other school on Preston Hwy 24-14, and Moore 35-0. They suffered losses at Central 29-7, against PRP 48-34, Ballard 21-0, Butler 34-17, against Trinity 55-27, St.X 55-13, and Madison Central 40-21.

On Nov. 13, maxpreps.com updated the national and state rankings. Our team moved up 392 spots in the national rankings to 3948. It moved up 6 spots in the Kentucky rankings to 60. It is ranked 18th in the Kentucky Division 6A Rankings, with a rating of 17.1, which is our worst ranking since before the 2004-2005 season.

“We’re young. Majority of the starters were sophomores and juniors. Even if they didn’t start,they got a lot of play time,” Cole McNair (12), football player for the Crimsons, said.

Just to put things in perspective, let’s look at the previous season. Last year, Manual went 9 and 3, which gave it a win percentage of 75%. They had a national ranking of 568, a Kentucky ranking of 8 and a Kentucky Division 6A Ranking of 4. They did this with a 42.3 rating. So, this year was much worse than the previous season.



Featured photo by Destony Curry