Boys’ lacrosse team holds Fall pancake breakfast


The Manual boys’ lacrosse team held their annual pancake breakfast on Oct. 13 at the Texas Roadhouse on Dutchman’s Lane.

The pancake breakfast is the Lacrosse team’s main fundraiser, and they use the money for their team picnic, to send the team to tournaments, and to purchase supplies, gear, and uniforms.

“This year’s fall pancake breakfast was not as successful as years’ past. I believe a lot of that had to do with it being scheduled on the same day as the Susan G. Komen breast cancer walk, so a lot of people were at that. Also we usually have a T.V. station televising the pancake breakfast but they were covering the walk so we didn’t have any advertising like we usually do,” said Brent Wesley (11).

The workers in the back made the pancakes, while the team hosted, seated, and served the guests unlimited pancakes and drinks.
“It was fun and a delicious way to help the team raise money,” said Abby Durbin (10), who attended.

Tickets were sold by players for $5 prior, and at the door for the same price.