Maya McClendon receives volleyball MVP


Maya McClendon (12) received MVP (most valuable player) of the varsity volleyball team at their banquet on November 4.

After having an exceptionally great senior year McClendon was happy with her overall season.

“I had really high expectations for my senior year. I was extremely excited I could finally be a mentor for people to look up to. With there being about nine seniors it was a great chance for us seniors to get close to sophomores, in my situation we did the best we could and I gained friends coming out of it,” McClendon said.

McClendon hasn’t just been a role model this year but also her junior year when she committed to the University of Louisville.

“She really showed me that when you work hard everything pays off in the end, so when I found out that she committed her junior year I wanted to take that and use it to motivate the rest of my volleyball career,” Aurryella Mason (10), a member of the volleyball team, said.

According to McClendon, MVP means more than just playing well. “There has to be a sense of leadership. Taking charge of the team is an important aspect. As a senior, it’s my job to make sure we as a team do well on the court,” McClendon said.

When McClendon received the award at the banquet she felt it was an exceptional feeling of accomplishment. “For me, it means I did my job. I wasn’t expecting to get it, it wasn’t easy being positive all the time, but its really rewarding to get the recognition,” McClendon said.

“I’m big on equality and I think that she is a great player and worked hard to lead our team,” Chris Gould, head coach, said.