Manual Swim and Dive Team competes against Male

Manual Swim and Dive Team competes against Male


Manual’s Swim and Dive Team is scheduled to compete against rival Male on Jan. 9 at Shawnee High School.

The two schools have been rivals since they were established and students from both teams look forward to the competition each year.

“I didn’t swim for Male last year, but I have definitely been looking forward to when we get to compete against Manual because since they are our rival. It would be awesome to say we beat them,” said Olivia Short, who is a sophomore swimmer for Louisville Male High.

Manual defeated Male last year at their swimming competition and Manual students hope to do the same this year.

“We practice really hard for all of our meets, but this one is extra special in a way because Male has been our rival for so long. Everyone looks forward to this meet,” said Peyton Greenberg (10), swimmer for Manual.

Ana England (10) talked about the environment within the swim team right before the rivalry. “This week being hectic for the swim team but exciting to get the chance to swim against Male,” England said.

Manual has two other swim and dive competitions this week. The first meet is on Jan. 11 and the other meet is on Jan. 12.