Coach Abell transfers to Fern Creek

Last week, Coach Joshua Abell (Social Studies) transferred from duPont Manual High School to Fern Creek Traditional High School. The move came following an opening at Fern Creek due to House Bill 176. The transfer was particularly hard on Abell, since it was in the middle of the semester.

“That was probably the worst part of the whole decision. If I had to describe my feelings, I’d say that, first, I was extremely upset and disappointed,” Abell said. “But, it was also a new opportunity for me to better my career and future, which is reason for excitement,” he added.

The opening at Fern Creek was created when the teachers there were moved around by House Bill 176. The bill, passed in January 2010, states that any school classified as “failing” must choose one of four options designed to improve its performance. Fern Creek decided on the teacher reassignment option, which meant replacing up to 50% of their teachers, creating an opening for Abell this year.

The coach is adjusting to the move well, but to him, there will be no place like Manual.

“There truly are no students like Manual students,” he said.

by Zac Jones