Swimmer Peyton Greenberg to represent America in Jewish Olympics

Swimmer Peyton Greenberg to represent America in Jewish Olympics


In July 2013, Peyton Greenberg (10) will be representing America in the Jewish Olympics in Israel. Greenberg is currently an HSU student at Manual and is the only girl from Kentucky out of the 12 that make up the USA team. She will be staying in Israel for around three weeks for the competition.

The Jewish Olympics are one of the largest international sporting competitions and Greenberg will be participating in their under-18 section. While she competes, Greenberg will be watched by not only college recruiters but also the Summer Olympics committee. Greenberg, however, has already has a speed that qualifies her to enter in the next Olympic trials.

“I am excited for the opportunity to support Manual and my country,” Greenberg (10) said. “Being on this team is not only an honor but it means a lot to me.” She was the only student from not only Manual but in Kentucky to try out for these Olympics and it was a true achievement to make the team. Greenberg will swim around 25 hours a week during her summer just to stay in shape leading up to the competition.

“On spring break while my friend slept I had to get up extra early and keep on training and that doesn’t even include my land workouts so I do have to sacrifice things for swimming but it is worth it to me,” said Greenberg.