Manual defeats CAL in lacrosse

Trevor Griner

The Manual Crimson boys’ lacrosse team defeated Christian Academy of Louisville 7-6 last night for their first win of the regular season. Goals were scored by seniors Alex Anthony (1), Ben Wade (3), and Trent Hafler (1). Junior, Donovan Pimentel, added one goal and sophomore, Chad Tevebaugh, added one himself. Senior, Stephen Diemer, contributed to the victory with 3 assists, one of which put the Crimsons up 6-5 with 2 minutes left in the game.

“This was an awesome way to start off our season,” says Diemer. “Even though the game won’t count towards our league record, this will definitely be a confidence booster for the team.”

Because Christian Academy is in the 1-A division and the Crimsons play in 2-A, the victory will not be tallied as part of the Crimsons’ seasonal record.