Senior recognized as Bowler of the Year

Nathan Pierce

Garrett Hillerich (12), the only male senior bowler on duPont Manual’s team, was honored as Kentucky High School Bowler of the Year. The bowler that gets this award, must be chosen by the majority of the bowling coaches in Kentucky. The announcement came after Manual won the district tournament. This is award is given to the bowler that shows not only athletic skill, but good sportsmanship and leadership.

“I am honored to get this award. I know plenty of people that have gotten this award in the past and to have my name be put up there with their names is an awesome feeling for me and my family,” said Garrett. “This award could not come at a better time. I feel that this award has given me a boost of confidence just before the state tournament and will hopefully help us give us a repeat of last year, and be able to win the state title.” Garrett has rolled a handful of perfect games and countless others with just a few pins off. Even though he says he probably could become a professional bowler, he does not want to. “To become a professional bowler is hard, and I feel that I am called to another line of work.” Garrett will be attending the University of Louisville, but is not entirely sure of his major.

His brother, Keiffer Hillerich (10), also another great bowler, is very happy for his brother. “Garrett is always working hard and always practicing for upcoming tournaments. He even goes and practices after he gets off work at Kroger at 9 o’clock at night. If anyone deserved this award it would definetly have to be my older brother,” said Keiffer.

While attending the University of Louisville, Garrett will be a part of their bowling team. “I really want to do bowling in high school mainly to stay busy, and it will be a good thing to keep me focused in school and keep my competitive edge,” he said.