Girls’ lacrosse tournament gets rained out

Miranda Thompson

The girls’ lacrosse team got caught up in one of the torrential rain storms that have been sweeping the Midwest on Saturday, March 5th when their games against Nashville teams were cancelled due to the weather.

Their first game was against Ravenwood High which ended in a 3-3 tie. However, the game ended after only 10 minutes of playing time. The referees called off the game after Hannah Landgrave (11, #3) slipped in the mud. The referees and owners of the field did not want the field to be torn up by cleats in the mud.

After it was officially announced that all the day’s games were cancelled, the team headed over to the Cool Springs mall for lunch and shopping. Then when that was over, everyone packed up their wet clothes into respective vehicles and headed back to Louisville.

“The drive there really sucked, and playing for 10 minutes really sucked, but going to Forever 21 afterwards was fun,” said Adrienne Mekus (12, #46).


Miranda Thompson, Reporter