Softball fundraiser cancelled due to girls’ basketball state run

Logan Gilbert

Next week the duPont Manual softball team was supposed to participate in a fundraiser meant to bring in about $100 through donations made by parents, friends, or other supporters. The idea was to donate a certain amount of money for each inning played with a total of 100 innings. Explaining the fundraiser,Lorraine Carner (12) said, “If someone paid 10 cents per inning, they would end up donating $10 for the whole game.”

Coach Andrew Hundley felt it to be necessary to call the fundraiser off due to the basketball team’s success and give the players the oppurtunity to support their classmates.

“I’m really excited the girls are going to be in the state [tournament]. We are going to inner-squad on Monday so it’s a win-win,” Carner said.

By Logan Gilbert, Reporter