On the Sidelines: Why you should support Manual’s baseball team

On the Sidelines: Why you should support Manuals baseball team

Patrick Frentz

The Manual baseball team is making a playoff run and YOU need to support them. On May 29th the team will face that ugly school on Preston Highway at Jim Patterson Stadium (UofL  baseball field) at 7:15. They will show up with ugly purple and yellow uniforms… and then we will beat them. This is the semi-final of the region tournament and the winner will play in the final for a chance to advance to the state tournament. The baseball team NEEDS the support of our student body.

Here is a short list on why you should go:

1. The baseball team supports every other athletic team all year long. It is our turn to return the favor and show up with a big student section.

2. We play Male. I hate Male, you hate Male. Let’s go watch another Manual team beat them.

3. It’s the playoffs. If you have not been to a baseball game this year or even ever in your life, this will be the one to go to.

4. We need a bigger student section than them. Rumor has it that a ton of Male students will be attendance and we can’t lose to them in anything.

5. It is at Jim Patterson Stadium. It’s pretty cool.

6. AP testing is over and finals haven’t started. Can’t use homework as an excuse.

7.  It is going to be a lovely night. It will be around 80 degrees with a nice breeze… beautiful night at the ballpark.

8. Did I mention we play Male? Who doesn’t love fried bulldog?

9. They wear purple. Why?