AP English students compete in class satire contest

Spencer Kincaid

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Students in Ms. Alesia Williams’s junior AP English Language and Composition class participated in her annual class satire competition.

Ms. Williams assigns the project each year in April as part of her unit on satire, “the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.” according to dictionary.com. (Go to RedEye’s Ridiculam and The Onion for examples of satire.)

Students submitted their projects in one of six different categories: Onion-like article, proposal, video, song, children’s book and political cartoon/advertisement.

After all the students in a given class have completed their project presentations, the class fills out a ballot saying which project he or she thought was best in each category, after which they would select a “best of the best” in their class. Each winner received extra credit for their project.

The winners are listed as follows:

Onion-like articles

Jakob Felty (R1): Display of Love Shocks Millions, Numerous Deaths in Aftermath

Sam DuPlessis (R2): Third Grade Students Come to Standstill on Pizza Vote, No Pizza Ordered Yet

Bryan Zhu (R3): Musa Acuminata (i.e. the banana) Shows Promise as Medical Testing Target

Molly Schroering (W1): Young Orthodox Leaders of Ohio Turn Up in Akron



Lilly Comstock (R1): A Late-Breaking Weight Loss Discovery

Daniel Chopovsky (R2): Technological Literacy

Lauren Cooper (R3): A Logical Plan for Road Confict

Aemin Kim (W1): Endless Possibilities: A Feminist Proposal



David Heng, Alex Krentsel, & Jason Xu (R1): Parenting Styles

Poonum Haldankar & Grace Roth (R2): The Beginning of the End

Christopher Zhou (R3) & BiWei Chen (W1): I Wanna Be a Doctor



Kelsey Lyvers (R1) & Cassidy Meurer (R2): Love Song

Erick Collings (R2): #socialmediasaveslives *Slam Poetry

Abby Wagner (R3): Yasisi Remade: Talentless but Sexy


Children’s Books

Macey Johnson (R3): Exploring Your World with Sterry O. Type: Louisville Teenager Addition

Tony Nguyen (W1): if You Become an Asian


Political Cartoons/Advertisements

Alton Chancy (R1): McDonald’s Introduces New Meat: Humans

Ava Bradley (R2): It’s time we had a strong woman in the White House . . .

Farren Vaughan (R3): The World According to an American

Dalen Jones (W1): The Domino Effect: U.S. “Intervention”



Red 1: David Heng, Alex Krentsel, & Jason Xu: Parenting Styles

Red 2: Sam DuPlessis: Third Grade Students Come to Standstill on Pizza Vote, No Pizza Ordered Yet

Red 3 & White 1: Christopher Zhou & BiWei Chen: I Wanna Be a Doctor