Manual students respond to back to school stress


Paola Chaaya

Feelings of stress an anxiety can make you feel cut off from the people around you. Photo by Paola Chaaya on Unsplash.

Isabella Edghill

While the beginning of the school year can be exciting, it can also be stressful for students.

The beginning of any new undertaking can be difficult due to the changes one must adapt to. Every school year comes with new names to learn, new teachers to meet and new routes to class to master.

One stressor for people coming back to school is meeting new teachers. 

“When you first get there you are a little bit anxious, trying to figure out which teachers will be best. First impressions are everything, so it could be a little bit stressful,” Grayson Boem (10, YPAS) said.

Other students embrace the start of the new school year and all the changes it brings. 

“I’m a lot more involved this year than I was last year, just being a sophomore this year. I do have a little more stress, I have more things to do, but I feel like I’m having more fun, you know,” Riley Roberts (10, J&C).

Similarly, Lauren Wood (12, HSU) described the positive outlook she is trying to bring to her final year as a Crimson.

“There’s a lot of excitement around being a senior, doing things with my friends, possibly for the last time,” she said.

Another reason students reported more stress was having to get back into a consistent routine after the long summer. School demands students to go to bed early, manage their time and try to make friends all concurrently.

“Definitely my wake up routine. That’s been hard to reestablish,” said Roberts (10,J&C). 

Many believe it is vital to develop good study habits early in the school year. 

“Get yourself a good starting ground in your classes,” Boem (10, YPAS) said.

He learned this the hard way last year after doing poorly on his first APHG exam. He learned from the experience, and now excels in AP World History.

Some students have found that anticipating stress leads to more anxiety over time. They understand that teachers are more lenient early in the school year and that their workload will increase around midterms and through the second semester.

“I can tell that some of my classes are going to get harder,” Roberts (10, J&C) said.

Seniors have their own unique issues to resolve. 

I think as we get closer to November 1st that’s going to increase exponentially,” Wood (12, HSU) said.

Nov. 1 refers to the deadline for college applications. 

Students recognize that it’s important to take school one day at a time. Focusing on small things can help recompose students and put their seemingly unending to-do lists into perspective.

I’ve been trying to take my college apps one step at a time, just making incremental progress,” Wood (12, HSU) agrees.

It can be easy to get frustrated by all the assignments due, especially as a senior, but Wood copes by celebrating every step she accomplishes.

The beginning of the school year is full of stressful moments for old and new students alike, but with time it will get better. It’s hard to go from a summer of relaxation and spontaneity to a rushed and rigorous school year, but students can learn to cope by recognizing the source of their stress and breaking it down into small steps. 

No matter how you feel, at the end of the day everyone deserves compassion from others. Reach out to your friends and family if you believe they are in need of mental assistance.