Oxfam charity field hockey game


Jackson Hull

On Friday May 30, fifteen different male students from 12th grade and 11th grade played in a field hockey game in order to raise money for national charity Oxfam. This charity puts its money towards ending world hunger in impoverished nations all across the globe.

Carly Rodman (11) headed this operation, gathering the starting lineup, organizing the time and place for the game to be held, and contacting Oxfam about making the donation.

The game was scheduled to start at 3:30 on Friday. All the players were ready to go when the thunderstorms began. It poured down for about 20 minutes and then the sun came back out.

“We are all glad that the raining stopped so we could play but it still left one problem, the field was now a giant mud pit,” Carly Rodman (11) said.

Rodman already had to reschedule the game once so she was very against having to reschedule again. After about 10 minutes of brainstorming Rodman finally decided to have the participants play, even though it would be very muddy.

“I was actually kind of excited about it,” Sam Coryell (12) said, “it would make the game more fun and interesting if we were all sliding around in mud.”

They proceeded to play the game. After an hour of sliding all about the field, the junior team emerged victorious, winning by a score of 3-2.

“There were some controversial calls but in the end everyone remembered that the game was for charity and shook hands,” Rodman said.

The event ended up generating just over $800, all of which will go to Oxfam. The game was a big success and Manual hopes to continue it annually for years to come.