Manual vs. Central football game postponed

Manual vs. Central football game postponed

Jack Grossman

The football game was postponed due to safety concerns about rain and lightning. Photo by Reagan Roy.

Representatives at both Manual and Central have postponed the Manual vs. Central football game to Sunday, Aug. 24 at 5:30 p.m., due to a lightning storm in the downtown Louisville area. If the game is not played at the rescheduled time, it will be cancelled.

“Every time there is a lightning strike, we have to have another delay, and then you must factor in that it would probably take 45 minutes for the teams to warm up,” said Athletic Director Mr. David Zuberer. “At that point,  it was probably going to be ten o’clock before we would start, and we thought that would be t0o late to start a game.”

The stadium granted re-entry tickets for all the spectators who were asked to evacuate. Those tickets, and any tickets that were purchased but not redeemed, will be honored at the rescheduled game on Sunday.

Head football coach Dr. Oliver Lucas (Science) is confident that the delay will not affect the team’s performance.

“This is not our first rodeo. We had something like this happen a few years ago with PRP when somebody hit a pole and it took out all of the electricity, so we had to come back and play the next day,” Coach Lucas said. “It was a great crowd and the kids played well, so we’re hoping for the same result tomorrow.”

“It sucks that we were here for four hours, but we can’t really control the weather, so we’re going to come out here tomorrow and get the win,” said receiver Daniel Snell (11, HSU).

“That’s just how the ballgame is sometimes, so you just have to roll with it a little bit,” said Principal Jerry Mayes.  “That is what we teach to do in life, so we need to demonstrate that. There are just some things that you just can’t control.”