Lady Crimsons continue undefeated streak against Seneca


Reagan Roy

The Lady Crimsons defeated the Seneca Redhawks 64-15 and continue on with a perfect season, winning their first five games. Manual won this game in blowout fashion, not allowing the Redhawks to score a single point in the first quarter of play. Manual only allowed six baskets and three free throws throughout the rest of the game.

“The key to this game was defense,” Assistant Head Coach Chris Morris said. “We got easy points on defense but our offensive set was not as good as it could have been.”

Manual missed several shots and made most of their points off defensive turnovers in the first half.

“Our defense played tough and we forced a lot of turnovers and converted those turnovers into easy points on the fast break,” Morris said.

Manual forced a lot of fouls on the Redhawks and they were efficient enough from the line to increase the lead.

“We drove to the basket quite a lot tonight and made a concerted effort of doing that during the game,” Morris said.

Manual’s defense held out through the entire first half, only allowing three points and leading by a deficit of 38 points.

“On defense we could’ve done better and picked up the pressure a little bit more, but overall we did well,” Krystalline McCune said. “On offensive we could have shared the ball a lot better during the first quarter, but by halftime we knew what we had to do to make sure we won, and that was share the ball.”

The Lady Crimsons now hold a 5-0 record. They will face off against reigning state champions Butler High School Tuesday night at home.