Lady Crimsons fall to Butler


Reagan Roy

Manual girls basketball lost 53-52 to undefeated Butler in overtime. It was the team’s first loss of the season, making their current record 5-1.

Manual missed open lay-ups and free throws throughout the game,  but they got the points to stay in the lead when the basket counted most.

“We definitely need to make our free throws,” Sydney McBlane (11, #25) said. “We basically lost the game because we missed so many free throws, but there were other little mistakes we made throughout the game that also played a part in us losing.”

Manual led 26-25 at halftime, and both teams were tied 49-49 by the end of the game. Butler drove to the basket to increase their lead by  a single point in the last twelve seconds of overtime. Manual could not get up a shot with only four and a half seconds left.

“It sucks to lose this way, but it give us more fuel to play our next games,” McBlane said. “We’ll fix the little mistakes we need to and be ready for our next game.”

Manual’s defense won on the defensive side by forcing several turnovers and occasionally converting them into extra points.

Manual’s offense met their match when Butler matched each Manual basket.

“We have to work on our missed lay-ups and get to the basket more,”Assistant Coach Marrisa Benberry said. “We have a lot of people who can pick up the slack on our team. The team’s emotion after this loss was very sad, but that’s a good thing. It means they care, and they will get better and fix the little mistakes we need to fix.”

Manual girls basketball will play at Central High School on January 6 at 7:30 p.m.