Lady Crimsons ice out Eastern to increase win streak


Reagan Roy

Manual defeated Eastern 48-36 in a low scoring game, increasing Manuals winning streak to a 4-0 streak with the Louisville Invitational Tournament (LIT) starting next week. Manual’s defense was firing on all cylinders as they forced several turnovers and fouls against Eastern.

“We played very hard tonight,” head coach Jeffrey Sparks said. “Eastern is a tough team and we came out here and got it done. For the LIT we’re all very excited, its a crazy good feel to be on a win streak and headed into the LIT.”

Tonight’s win was not just another game. Tonight’s win was a confidence booster to prepare for the upcoming challenge of the LIT.

Six-foot-four Center Krys McCune (11, #55) goes for a defensive block against Eastern. Photo by Kate Hatter.


“A win like this just increases our confidence and moral going into the LIT,” Sparks said. “There’s a lot of great teams that we’ll be playing and I know we are ready for the challenge.”

Manuals defense held Eastern to only 36 points all game. Teanna Curry (12, #0) played especially well tonight on the defensive end, forcing several turnovers and maintaining control of the ball.

“These past four victories have meant a lot to us,” Teanna Curry said. “In the first half we had a lot of turnovers, but we fixed all of that in the second half. We controlled the ball very well and made our presence known on the defensive side. We only allowed 10 points all second half.”

Guard Tonysha Curry (10, #23) goes for a free throw shot in a game where she scored 17 of Manual’s 48 points. Photo by Kate Hatter..


Tonysha Curry (10, #23) played very well on the offensive side of the ball, getting eight rebounds and 17 of Manuals 48 points.

“We have a great rivalry with Eastern and it made it a fun, competitive game,” Tonysha Curry said. “We did great at the beginning of the game with ball movement, and we worked great as a team tonight. Arika Prentice got one of their best players fouled out, which really helped us out in the game.”


Manual will play Henderson county, one of their rivals, in their next game tomorrow. Henderson County is ranked second in the state, and Sparks says he is looking forward to the match up.

Henderson County beat Manual by a single 2-point bucket at their last meeting. Manual will play again at Mercy High School at 2:45 p.m.