Manual track places in state meet

Miranda Thompson

In the boiling Saturday heat, the track and field teams competed against 72 other schools in the Kentucky State Track Meet at Owsley Frazier Park at the University of Louisville. Out of the 36 events, Manual placed in 13 events such as the girls’ 100 meter dash, the boys’ 3200 meter run, and the high jump.
Among these finalists were sisters Cassidy and Kristen Hale (10) who placed 2nd and 3rd for both the 1600 meter and 3200 meter runs, Joseph Johnson (11) who placed 13th for 110 meter hurdles, John Grundy (11) who placed 9th in the 3200 meter run, Kayla Hill (12) who placed 2nd in the 800 meter run, and Christina Arnold (11), Robyn Blackman (10), Mary King (09), and Kayla Smith (10) who placed 9th in the girls’ 4×200 relay.

“One other school dropped the baton, but our hand-offs were really awesome,” said Blackman. “In the 200, I just tell myself ‘I’m not going to lose this race’ and I speed up after the first curve.”

The success of the girls’ 4×200 relay team along with the rest of the girls who placed in their events gave the girls 5th place in state.