Manual students attend Bernie Sanders rally at Waterfront Park


Photo by Kaylee Arnett.

Olivia Dawson

The Bernie Sanders rally was held on Waterfront Park on May 3.
The Sanders rally took place downtown at Waterfront Park. Photo by Fons Cervera.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders spoke at a rally at Louisville’s Waterfront Park on Thursday, May 3. Sanders addressed a crowd of approximately 7,000, which included a number of Manual students.

Carter Squires (11, HSU) attended the event as part of his volunteer work with the Louisville branch of the Sanders campaign.

“I was on the Jack Conway campaign last year and one of our managers reached out to some of the interns to come back, so I took the opportunity,” he said.

Henry Gritton (12, YPAS) said that he wanted to stop by the rally in order to make a more informed decision as a first-time voter.

“I really like Bernie Sanders,” he said. “I like what he stands for and I wanted to hear him speak.”

Gritton predicted that the rally would make attendees more enthusiastic about casting their ballots in the May 17 Kentucky Democratic primary.

Supporters at the Sanders rally showed support by adorning the nearby bridge with slogans.
Sanders fans publicized their support by adorning a nearby bridge with campaign slogans. Photo by Fons Cervera.

Another first-time voter, Coleman Powell (12, MST), also chose to attend the event in order to “see if there was any substance to [Sanders’s] argument.”

“His ideas are really revolutionary, but I want to hear his exact plans, rather than ideologies,” Powell said. “I want to know what a political revolution looks like.”

Friends Rowan Little (11, J&C) and Jamie D’Amato (11, J&C) said that Thursday’s event marked their first time attending a political rally.

“I’m just hoping he says some stuff that’s different from what we keep on hearing from other candidates,” D’Amato said.

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