Manual slays Seneca in a blowout


Jaelin Carter (11, 12) runs for a touchdown. Photo by Emma Bornschein.

Olivia Evans

The Manual Crimsons annihilated the Seneca Redhawks in a 48-6 triumph during last night’s home football game, giving them a three-game win streak.

“It was great! I love getting victories like this. Everybody got to play and everyone contributed to this win. It’s just good… I trust my teammates. I know when we work hard, click on all cylinders, winning is expected,” said Bryce Cosby (7, 12).

Cosby intercepted multiple passes throughout the game, dominating on the defensive end.

Most of the action took place in the first two quarters, with Manual winning 42-6 at the end of the first half.

In the third quarter the Crimsons lost some ground, but quickly made up for it with a strong touchdown by Russell Thomas (14, 11).

“I’m happy for my teammates and most of all I just feel like we’re getting better and better every week. We’ve been putting the work in since summertime, so this is just showing that it’s paying off. We have a lot more talent this year and I really think this is the team to go all the way to Bowling Green,” Thomas said.

The second half of the game opened with a running clock due to the Crimsons being up by more than 36 points on the Redhawks.

Just like the home opener against Central this year, last night’s game showed that this Crimson team has a strong defensive end and can stop the ball from moving down the field.

The Redhawks had a difficult time getting any ground off the punts by Nick Kopp (9, 11). The punts were soaring deep in Seneca territory and the Crimsons rushed the catcher every time, even causing a ball to be dropped once.

Notably, both teams struggled on the offensive end to effectively run plays. Both teams had several fumbles and incomplete passes. Fortunately, Manual’s offense managed to gel well enough to outwit the Seneca defense and press the ball down the field.

Last night the Crimson defense showed some new strengths with blocking a couple of kicks. Cosby blocked an extra point attempt by the Hawks. The Crimsons also were able to get their hands on a punt causing it to fall short and gain desirable field position.

The Crimsons looked very mature on the field last night. With a little more fine tuning on the offensive spectrum and keeping players healthy the Crimsons have a promising road ahead of them.

“I think we came out and took care of business. I thought we had improved from game one to game two. I think we had three or four interceptions and a fumble recovery and I know we ran a punt back for a touchdown. One of our goals since the beginning of the school year and our season was takeaways, and we wanted to score and beat this, and I think we accomplished those goals tonight,” said Coach Steve Backo.

The Crimsons will return for their next game of the season with hopes of staying undefeated on Sept. 16 at Ballard at 7:30.