Crimsons bulldoze the Bulldogs


Photo by Cicada Hoyt.

Jade Broderick

The Varsity Boys’ Soccer Team faced rivals, Louisville Male High School, on Wednesday night.

The Crimsons Won 2-1 at Male.

Each year the teams face off against each other in hopes of winning a trophy similar to the Barrel, which the winners take it home every year.

At the start of the game each team showed the level of intensity and determination they had to get to win.

Mahamud Osman (#16, 11) is a starter for Manual.

“Everyone was hyped and excited, we had all the crowd and everybody was looking forward for the game,” Osman said. “We’ve been preparing for the game for like three weeks in advance.”

Male started off with the ball sending it deep into Manual territory, but the Crimsons kept calm.

“I thought it was a good victory, I thought we had a lot of chances,” Head coach Bob Ramsey stated. “We didn’t convert a lot of them, but we created.”

That is exactly what Manual did.

With only eight minutes into the first half, Henry Jelsma (#12, 12) shot it into the back of the net.

Manual kept this 1-0 lead during the rest of the half.

“I feel that we could of played a lot better,” Ryan Tarr (#20,12) said. “But the way we performed was good enough.”

At the start of the second half Male had an early chance to tie the game up but the Crimsons did not it that happen.

During this time the Crimson’s offense sparked and Jelsma scored the second Goal of the night.

Shortly after the Crimson’s second goal, Male received a  free kick, and put it in the back of the net to bring the score to 2-1, with 26 minutes remaining in the game.

“It was a good game, we played much  better than last year,” Joseph Zamora, a player for the Bulldogs stated. “We fought to the end, it was just unlucky.”

This was the last goal of the game, giving the Crimsons a 6-0 record this season, while Male is now 5-2.

Next week the Boys varsity soccer team will try to continue their winning record, playing St. Xavier and Trinity.