Crimsons crush Collegiate on Senior Night


Jolene Ballard (2, 10) with the ball on a free kick.

Amberlee Tate

The Girls’ Varsity Soccer team beat Collegiate 8-1 on Oct. 5, the Crimsons’ Senior Night.

Collegiate started the game off strong by scoring their first goal before Manual.

The girls quickly fired back with La’Ree Shontee (7,12) scoring the team’s first goal just a few minutes later.

“Obviously it was bad that they scored first, but afterwards we played well and made our comeback,” said Emily Hause (44,12).

After the first goal, the girls were unstoppable. The team kept scoring goal after goal with two goals by Hannah Martin (18,12), one from Caitlin Meurer (24,11), and another by Lindsey Bobb (17,12) just in the first half.

After the action-packed first half, during halftime the team had a ceremony for the graduating seniors.

At the start of the second half, Hannah Martin (18,12) scored her third goal of the game.

Emily Hause (44,12) and Madilyn Hord (16,12) also scored goals quickly after.

“We were focusing on some things instead of just attacking so we worked on possession and making sure that they didn’t have many opportunities on goals so we did that pretty well,” said Coach Sheri Kiser.

Manual’s possession of the ball showed out especially in the second half. For the last 15 minutes of the game, the girls finished out the game just passing the ball to each other not letting the other team make any other goals.

“We did well today. It was just a fun game so we didn’t spend a ton of time warming up and overall everyone was really happy,” said Emily Hause (44,12).

Every senior got playing time on their night, with a majority of the goals coming from seniors.

“I think our seniors especially did pretty well tonight. They helped us pull out a great win,” said Cassie Froedge (29,11).

The Varsity Girls’ Soccer team will compete in the post season play next week in the 25th District Tournament.