Manual students overwhelmingly prefer Clinton


Maya Joshi


Eighty-three percent of Manual students would vote for Hillary Clinton and 11% would vote for Trump if they could, according to a RedEye poll taken during third block on Friday. 

9th graders were the strongest backers of the Republican candidate, with 22% of freshmen saying they would vote for Trump if they could, while 72% of 9th graders supported Clinton.

Sophomores and juniors were overwhelmingly in favor of Clinton, with roughly 89% of both classes supporting the Democratic candidate. 83% of seniors backed Clinton and 8% backed Trump.

Examining the poll data by magnet provided similar results. The vast majority of all magnets supported Clinton at 85% or greater levels. J&C and HSU were the magnets most likely to support Trump at levels of roughly 14% each. 

However, not all votes were for Clinton or Trump. Six people voted for Jill Stein, nine voted for Gary Johnson, and one voted for Vermin Supreme.

The poll, which surveyed 259 students, had a 5.6% margin of error and a 95% confidence level.