Lady Crimsons soccer team gets first win of the season


Lady Crimsons rally after a successful victory.

Jade Broderick

The Lady Crimsons soccer team beat Oldham County High School 3-2 on the road last night.

This was the first official away game of the season, and the Lady Colonels’ first home game of the season.

The game started with Manual having possession of the ball, but the ball was quickly turned over when the Lady Colonels maintained pressure on our goal and got quick shots off.

The Lady Colonels had gotten many quick breakaways throughout the game, but Manual stayed calm and played a strong defensive game when under pressure.

The playing field was dominated equally for the majority of the first half. Both teams got multiple shots off, but did not succeed in scoring.

It wasn’t until 7:30 left in the half when when the Lady Colonels scored the first goal of the night.  

This lead didn’t last long however, Manual Sophomore Savina Zamborini (39) scored for the Lady Crimsons.

Savina isn’t the only Zamborini to score tonight: shortly after the first goal, Izzie Zamborini (7, 12) scored the Lady Crimsons second goal of the game.

At the end of the first half the Lady Crimson took the lead 2-1.

“We have a lot of young kids,” Libbey Smith head coach for the Lady Colonels said, “I’m looking forward to seeing what they do.”

At the start of the second half, Manual scored an early goal by Jolene Ballard (2, 11) to make the score 3-1 with 37:31 left in the game.

“We do a lot of conditioning,” Ballard said, “It’s so we all have stamina throughout the whole 80 minutes of the game.”

The Crimsons maintained their energy and played very defensively to keep The Lady Colonels out of the box and to defend any goal opportunities.

This strategy worked most of the rest of the game until Oldham County got a breakaway and scored the last goal of the night to make the score 3-2 with 17:09 left to play.

The Lady Crimsons got their first win of the regular season after losing to defending state champions 4-2 Monday night.

Sheri Kiser, the head coach for the Lady Crimsons expects a great rest of the season for the girls.

“We are replacing several starters,” Kiser said, “We have had some younger kids step up and perform very well.”  

The next game for the lady Crimsons will be an away game at Bethlehem High School on Aug. 21.