North Oldham tackles Manual soccer


Bryce Grant

The Manual boys’ soccer team suffered a 4-6 loss to North Oldham on Wednesday night at North Oldham. Manual played a strong game during the first half, scoring three goals and blocking goal attempts from North Oldham.

Goals from Mahamud Osman (12, #87) and Hayden Nusz (11, #47) allowed Manual to take the lead.

“I held the ball so that our wings could push back, so I helped a lot during the second half and got us two goals during the first half,” Osman said. “I think we could work more on our defense and cover for one another.”

Meyer Mercker (12, #4), who assisted Osman for a goal, said his opinions on the game.

“We did well in the first half, passing the ball around and getting opportunities and we played solid throughout the midfield on counterattacks,” Mercker said.

As the game progressed, Manual struggled to communicate as a team and gave up two goals at the end of the first half.

“[In the] second half, we didn’t do too well. We blew our 3-0 lead and did not communicate enough,” Mercker said. “I think our chemistry isn’t very good.”

After halftime,

Manual continued to struggle, giving up four goals and ultimately blowing their 3-0 lead.

Dean Farmer, a senior at North Oldham, talked about the game.

“As a team, we started out rough, letting four goals go through,” Farmer said, “We came together and pulled through towards the ends of the game.”

Manual boys’ soccer has their next game against Ballard on Saturday morning. The game will be played at North Oldham High School.