Rams plow the Wyverns


Mahamad Osman (12, #72) dribbes the ball up the field

Bryce Grant

The Manual boys’ soccer team beat St. Francis High School by a score of 6-1 Thursday night at St. Francis.

Plays from Mahamud Osman (72, 12), Oliver Weber (24, 11) and Trevor Abma (7, 11), allowed for Manual to advance, ultimately winning the game.

Manual worked hard during both halves to keep possession and block goal attempts. The boys only gave up one goal.

Mahamud Osman led Manual with five goals on the night. Abma scored the only non-Osman goal of the game with 18:15 left in the second half. Osman and Abma shared their opinions on how the game went.

“When Mahamud chipped the ball over the goalie, that was my favorite moment of the game,” Abma said.

“We scored the first goal but we started off rough. But [in the] second half we got the job done,” Osman said, “We kept the ball out of the net, pressed well and we connected our passes.”

“I started off really good with the goal in the first 30 seconds and then I got tired but I eventually scored a few goals and it boosted me up,” Osman said.

“We’ve been defending well but it can always improve,” Abma said.

Manual Head Coach Bob Ramsey felt proud of his team as he recapped the game and discussed the season.

“I thought we did really well in the second half, we played a little bit lethargic in the first half but I think in the second half we really held on to the ball,” Ramsey said, “I think Mahamad had a really great game.”

“Game could’ve been a lot closer, they have some good players on their team,” Ramsey said.

The team talks about what they have to get ready for next week and how they’re going to do it.

“We have tommorow off, we’re going to do some conditioning Saturday morning and they’ll have Sunday off,” Ramsey said, “We’ll have light practices Monday and Tuesday and we’ll see Male on Wednesday.”

“I think we need to be working on defense on all sides of the team,” Ramsey said.

“We need to learn to communicate and work with each other better and we need to drink milk to get bigger,” Osman said.

Manual is currently preparing for their rivalry game against Male High School.

The two teams will play next week on Wednesday Sept. 6 at Manual Stadium at 7:30.