Tigers pounce on the Crimsons


Hunter Hartlage

The St. Xavier Tigers defeated the Crimsons 56 to 34 last night in an unsurprising yet exciting match.

The Crimsons haven’t come out on top of this annual match in 29 years.

“I think we ran hard tonight, they just outplayed us,” said Aidan Robbins (#7, 11).

The Crimsons opened strong, with Robbins scoring a touchdown within the first few minutes of the game. The Tigers were quick to come back, however, and scored their first touchdown only minutes after the Crimsons’. After a series of heated plays, St. X threw a Hail Mary pass to Dominic Allgeier (#12, 12), who ran into the endzone with .3 seconds left in the quarter, taking the score to 14 to 7.

The Crimsons kept their offensive momentum in the second quarter, with Robbins scoring another touchdown. This time, however, the extra kick was blocked, keeping the Tigers at a slight lead of 14 to 13.

“I think blocking the extra point was a momentum deal,” Saint Xavier head coach, Will Wolford said. “That could have been the difference in the game.”

The Tigers kept this up, widening their lead with two touchdowns in the span of 10 minutes. The Crimsons weren’t done yet, though, and Marcis Floyd (#2, 12) ran in for a touchdown toward the end of the half. At halftime, the score was St. X 28, Manual 20. 

The Tigers began the second half with vigor, scoring a touchdown within the first five minutes, and then another a few minutes later. The Crimson offense continued to push against the St. X defensive line, and eventually managed to break through, making it as far as the Tigers’ 14 yard line at the end of the quarter. The score was St. X 42, Manual 20.

“Our offensive performance was very good today,” Robbins said. “I would say that’s probably the best offensive performance we’ve had all season.”

The Crimsons opened the fourth quarter with Floyd almost instantly scoring another touchdown, but they were rapidly losing momentum. St. X’s Will Crum (#82, 12) soon made it into the endzone, quickly followed by fellow Tiger, Anthony Moretti (#42, 11). Toward the end of the game, Floyd was able to bring in one last touchdown for the Crimsons, which brought the final score to 56 to 34.

“It was a good effort by our guys,” Carmony said.

Be sure to show up next Friday when the Crimsons take on the Pleasure Ridge Park Panthers at 7:30 p.m. at PRP.