Field hockey sends the Dawgs home empty handed


Halle Baisas (#39, 10) lunges forward to hit the ball. Photo by Grace Bradley.

Jade Broderick

The Lady Crimsons field hockey team beat the Bulldogs in a thrilling 5-4 overtime victory Wednesday night on the Crimsons’ senior night.

Senior farewell

Before the game started the Field hockey team recognized nine seniors who have been with the program since their freshman year.

“I think given the field conditions and the emotions of senior night, they stuck together and came out with a win,” Head coach for the Crimsons Brittany Tolen Vencill Said.

The seniors recognized were: Lilly Brackney (#3, 12), Lindsey Lapinski ( #12, 12), Bree McWhorter (#00, 12), Kate Neal (#19, 12), Annie Nichols (#10, 12), Gabriel Rivera (#15, 12), Rachel Wheatley (#8, 12), Captain Meredith Wickenhiser (#11, 12) and lastly Shelby young (#29, 12).

The ceremony ended with the underclassmen giving the seniors the annual farewell dance.

The Game

The Bulldogs made a run to start the game that ended up with them scoring on a penalty stroke and leading the Crimsons 1-0.

Shortly after the Bulldogs’ goal, the Crimsons earned their third corner of the night and Ellie Wheatley (#7, 10) scored tying the game 1-1.

This didn’t stop the Bulldogs from losing focus and scoring their second goal of the night, with 21:45 left in the first half, the Crimsons trailed the Bulldogs 2-1.

With 13:56 left in the first half, Wickenheiser scored the equalizer, bringing faith to the Crimsons, and tying the game once again 2-2.

Each team earned multiple fouls, corners, green cards and quick breakaways down the field; but the score would remain 2-2 at the end of the regulation time period.

“I don’t think they [Manual] were prepared for what we had in store.” Lilly Ledford (#32, 12) of the Bulldogs said. “I think we played pretty well tonight and I think it’s probably one of the best games we’ve played all season.”

Sudden Death Overtime

At the end of regulation, the game went into a sudden death overtime period consisting of one 10 minute seven-on-seven period.

The Crimsons remained calm and kept possession during the overtime period and repeatedly stopped the Bulldogs from scoring.

After the end of the 10 minute overtime period, the score still remained 2-2.

“I think at the start of the game we played down to our opponent,” Young said. “But through the second half and the seven-on-seven we picked it up to get the win.”

Next the two teams went into overtime penalty strokes — meaning that each team picked five players to do a penalty stroke against the other ones goalie, and the team with the most at the end won the game.

Male and Manual both made their two first shots into the cage making the score 4-4.

After the Bulldogs missed their third penalty stroke, Ellie Wheatley scored her penalty stroke, giving the Crimsons a 5-4 lead that would be enough for the win.

After the Bulldogs missed their fourth stroke of the night, the Crimsons rose in victory in a comeback of the century.

The Crimsons will travel to Christian Academy of Louisville tonight at 7 p.m.