Lady Crimsons basketball conquers Centurions


Katelyn Bale

Manual girls’ basketball beat Christian Academy of Louisville (CAL) 78-50 on Friday, Dec. 8, making them 2-2 on the season.

First Half

Manual started off red hot, gaining possession of the ball at tip-off. Tyonne Howard (#12, 12) made the first shot of the night, giving Manual a 3-0 lead. CAL got a foul shortly after, and Dejah Chatman (#24, 10) makes both bringing the Crimsons up 5-0. Sydney Raque (#10, 9) stole the ball, giving CAL possession.

The Crimsons stole the ball back, and Howard scored again leading Manual 7-1. With a foul on CAL, Jeanay Riley (#15, 10) took the chance to make a free throw, bringing Manual 8-3.

Shelby Calhoun (#12, 10) made a layup for CAL, but the Centurions still trailed behind 10-7.

Shots from Howard, Riley and Jaela Johnson (#3, 12) helped lead the Crimsons 21-10 in the first quarter.

The second quarter started with another foul on CAL, and Johnson completed both free throws bringing Manual 23-10.

Manual ran a 2-3 zone defense, but it was not enough to keep CAL’s Mia Beam (#22, 10) from scoring. With 5:14 left in the half Manual led 25-12.

Calhoun stole the ball for CAL, drove it down the court and scored leaving the Centurions trailing behind 25-16.

The ball went back and forth between Manual and CAL until Howard scored a three-pointer, taking the Crimsons 28-18.

Fouls on both teams allowed each team to score free throws.

Chatman scored for the Crimsons bringing them further ahead, and the first half ended with Manual leading 35-26.

Second Half

CAL picked up momentum with shots from Raque, Calhoun and Beam that helped the Centurions catch up at the beginning of the half, trailing 37-32.

After back-to-back turnovers the Crimsons gained possession of the ball.

Shots from Nila Blackford (#41, 11) and a three-pointer from Riley helped Manual pull ahead again, leading 51-36.

CAL took the ball out of bounds, creating a turnover to the Crimsons. CAL fouled and Blackford made both free throws leading Manual 53-36.

Manual gained back possession after rebounding CAL’s missed shot, and Johnson drove the ball down court for a layup, leading the Crimsons 55-36.

Blackford made a three-pointer bringing Manual ahead 58-36 to finish the third quarter.

CAL started the fourth quarter exhausted from the third; they fouled immediately, and Riley scored a free throw for the Crimsons to lead 59-36.

Johnson gained possession for Manual with a steal, drove the ball down court and made a layup. The Centurions trailed behind 61-36.

Beam scored a three pointer for CAL, leaving them behind 62-39.

With another foul on Manual, Calhoun made both free throws for CAL in an attempt to come back with 65-43.

Abigail Embry (#24, 10) scored for the Centurions, but CAL was still short 65-47.

A three-pointer from Johnson and shots from Aniah Griffen (#21, 12), Howard and Riley helped futher the Crimsons lead of 74-47.

A foul on CAL allowed Howard to score a final free throw for Manual, bringing them to their victory of 78-50.

”We played good, really a turn around from the first three games. We brought a lot more intensity and energy this game,” Howard said.

“We have a lot of young players, so the experience is good for them, and I think eventually that will pay off,” Perry White, the Head Coach for CAL, said.

The Crimsons will go on to face Presentation on Dec. 12. Tip off will be at 7:30 p.m. at Presentation.