Recap of the 2017 Basketball Homecoming pep rally


Nikhil Warrier

On Friday, December 15, Manual had its annual Basketball Homecoming pep rally. The purpose of the rally was to create spirit before the boys’ and girls’ Basketball team play against the Central Yellow Jackets later that evening.

The Manual cheerleading team began the rally with “Stand Up and Cheer” along with a eye-catching routine. As the cheerleaders were exiting the court, three players from the boys’ team and three players from the girls’ team competed in a contest to see who can score the most points. Jaela Johnson (12, HSU,) and Noah Hawkins (12, HSU) finished the competition as winners.

As the homecoming court began to enter, the Manual pep band played “Do What you Wanna.” Shortly after the pep band performance ended, the 2017 basketball homecoming court was recognized.



Students waited as the full list of nominees were honored, the results of the homecoming vote will be read at the halftime show of the Central game.

The Manual Dazzlers performed after the homecoming court was recognized; as their show completed, four more members of the boys’ and girls’ team competed.

The Manual Dreamers ended the round of performances for the pep rally. Their show encapsulated a majority of the Manual audience.

Coach Tim Holman (Social Studies) and Athletic Director David Zuberer recognized other Manual teams as the Dreamers were exiting the court. The Manual bowling, archery, and track teams were all recognized for awards and accomplishments that occurred in the transition of seasons.

As the 2017 Homecoming pep rally came to a close, the class of 2020 won the spirit stick after many rounds of the Red/White cheer.