Manual defeats Male in varsity soccer, moves on in districts

Taylor Ratliff

Last Thursday night, the duPont Manual High School boys’ varsity soccer team defeated rival Louisville Male High School at Manual Stadium with a score of 8-7.

The score of the actual soccer game was 1-1, but the two teams were competing for districts, so Manual won by scoring four penalty kicks to Male’s three after the teams had completed two sets of five-minute overtime.

“This game was so intense. The Male/Manual soccer game is always a good game and this year was the same. [Male] beat us last year, so it was kind of like payback,” said Ian Johnson (12), goalie for Manual’s varsity. Johnson stopped three of the six penalty kicks from Male.

Jacob Sloan (11) made the only goal, excluding penalty kicks, for Manual, and Kaleb Bayse (10) made the only goal, also excluding penalty kicks, for Male.

“It was a good game and I’m looking forward to next year, but this year definitely could have gone better for us,” said Male goalie Lee Lewis (11).

After the game, Coach Jeremy Hedges said, “I feel like the boys played really well and I’m proud of them. Until the Atherton game on Saturday [9/10], we’ll just be trying to keep the boys healthy and heal up any injuries that we may have gotten tonight.”

The varsity team tied on Saturday against Atherton High School, and beat Brown School in a game on September 13.