Manual worker bees provided with new workspace


Piper Hansen


At the October SBDM meeting, Assistant Principal Mr. Greg Kuhn announced that Manual will not be hosting the Honeycomb Lab due to the other renovations to the building that will cost upwards of $25 million. Kuhn revealed to the committee that Kindred would’ve had to install and remove sensitive equipment that could damage the other renovations. It also became clear the Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) was not willing to work with Kindred to install the lab. However, Kindred may attempt to work with JCPS and Manual once the renovations are completed.


Last week Manual administrators, faculty and parents visited The Hive — a Kindred Healthcare and University of Louisville partnership.

Manual faculty and family arrive at The Hive after taking the three block journey. Photo by Piper Hansen.

There are plans to recreate it on a much smaller scale at Manual in December and will be called “The Honeycomb.”

The Hive is a located at 1601 South Floyd Street, roughly three blocks away from Manual.

As well as being a rentable workspace open to the public, UofL Speed School students specifically can use the space to work on personal projects and as part of the collaboration with Kindred.

“[The Hive] allows our Computer Science Department to help Kindred develop computer applications that will be specifically applicable to the care of the aging population,” former UofL interim president, Greg Postel, said at the opening of the Hive in November of last year.

Students can utilize the room to host meetings and give presentations to fellow students, business professionals or Kindred Healthcare representatives.

While touring the Hive, Manual administrators, faculty and parents saw team and individual workspaces, conference rooms and a virtual reality studio. The building is furnished mostly by IKEA and allows students to both work together and to have space to themselves.

Assistant Principal Greg Kuhn is at the head of The Hive recreation project and believes that the workspace will be beneficial to both Manual students during and after the school day.

Tour guide and Kindred Communications & Marketing Director Joshua Lakes explained to the Manual visitors that “The Honeycomb” will include the same computers and SMART Boards provided by Sysco that are currently at The Hive.

Teachers huddled together and discussed how their specific classes could use the space.

MST teachers Mr. Christopher Applegate (Science) and Mr. Eric Purvis (Math) are looking forward to taking their classes to the room to use the computers and the collective workspace.