R/W Week 2018: The Dazzlers dazzle Manual at the pep Rally


The Dazzlers perform at a football game this year.

Adrienne Sato

The Red/White Week pep rally is the biggest and longest pep rally of the year. The entire school crams into the stands of the large gym. Body heat and energy rise as the pep rally goes on. People get rowdy. Everyone is excited. Everyone is watching the floor. Then the Dazzlers step out and the crowd momentarily quiets. The dancers stand in position on the floor, utterly still. The whole school watches. Then music comes on over the speakers and the spell breaks. The dancers begin their routine, the crowd screams. When they finish, they smile at the crowd and jog off the court as the student with a microphone struggles to be heard over the crowd.

The Dazzlers dance at a pep rally earlier this year. “I am very proud of where the team is right now and we are all looking forward to a great season,” Lillie Napier (11,YPAS) said. Photo courtesy of Manual photojournalism classes. 

The Dazzlers perform their national’s routine for the Red/White Week pep rally every year. This is the dance that the Dazzlers hire a professional choreographer for. This routine is often longer and more complex than their other routines. They want to show the school what they are bringing to the national competition.

For the Dazzlers, the Red/White Week pep rally is a big part of their season. “We see the pep rally as a milestone in our season,”  Elizabeth Seiler (12, HSU), a senior on the dance team said. “We all get super excited for it.”

Lillie Napier (11,YPAS) gets a little nervous before performing  but also enjoys the energy.

“Performing at the Red/White Week pep rally is very exciting but also very nerve racking.” Napier said “This pep rally will be good practice for us because we will get hyped up by our school and gain confidence before our first competition.”

The Dazzlers perform at a football game this year. “The energy we get back from the students just feeds our energy during the performance,” Sarina Lowber (11,HSU) said. Photo by Pieper Mallett.

Sarina Lowber (11, HSU) also likes performing for the school at pep rallies. “Dancing at pep rallies and at games are so exhilarating because you not only have all of your friends cheering you on, but also people you’ve never met rooting for you,” Lowber said.

The Dazzlers perform at a football game this year. “The team is doing really well this year, we’re working really hard to defend our national title,” Elizabeth Seiler (12,HSU) said. Photo by Pieper Mallett

The Dazzlers won the national competition last year and are planning on winning again. Napier is excited about their prospects.

“We have a team of seventeen very talented girls,” Napier said. “We are very committed, and our goal is to return to National Dance Association Nationals and come home with another first place trophy.”

The team feels connected this year looking forward to competition season. “We have a strong bond and great friendship that will set us apart from our competition,” Lowber said.