Fall ball prepares Crimson baseball players for a new season

Morgan Profumo

Awaiting the arrival of their 2011-2012 season, the duPont Manual baseball players are participating in fall ball during the off season at Derby City Baseball field.

The team consists of JV and Varsity players who wear Cs on their chests in support of the Crimsons.

Although Manual’s teams are already close-knit, this parent-sponsored sport, which is seperate from Manual athletics, allows the team members to learn more about each other and get in extra practice before starting the demanding school season, according to Nathan Smith (11).

“It means a lot that our parents sacrifice their time, effort and energy so we can play the game we all love. It shows that they are caring and how much our activities mean to them,” said Harrison Scanlon (11).

“I think we will do well in the regular season. We showed we can compete with good teams in the fall,” said Andrew Olson (11) 

The team’s school season will begin in late October.