Step team continues to practice despite lacking a sponsor or coach

Erian Bradley

The duPont Manual Dreamers Step Team is currently without a sponsor or coach. Mr. Scott Williams (Math) was the club’s sponsor last year, but cannot resume the role.

In addition to someone who will coach the team, help choreograph routines, and organize meetings, the Dreamers also need someone to order uniforms and outfits for games and competitions. 

Ms. Erica Darnell (English) sponsored the step team for five years before Williams did, but she is busy with other classes and is currently sponsoring the class of 2013.

“I was able to run through a practice with them for the pep rally,” Darnell said. “I have a lot of things on my plate, [but] they need someone to be there and it’s sad no one will help them. They have great talent.”

Shantel Pettway (11), who was a member of the step team last year, said, “As of right now we aren’t an official team, and Manual without a step team is hard to fathom… Our light for hope is looking dim for this year.”

The Dreamers performed at the pep rally on September 16 with last year’s members.

“The step team is usually the best part of pep rallies. They are always full of energy and there’s always good music they dance to,” said Keevin Henley (11).

“The Dreamers are a big part of the schools pep rally as well as the cheerleaders do, it’s sickening that we might not have a Step Team because everyone looked foward to their performances,” Victoria Shaw (11).

The Dreamers hope to find a sponsor as soon as possible. They are even going to the last resort and trying to find outside sponsors that include parents, or other adults and seeing if their sponsor can be approved from Mr. Kingsley.

Erian Bradley is a CMA Junior at Dupont Manual High School. She loves to write about upcoming events & things that are happening at Manual. She is on the Multimedia staff.