Letter from the editors: 12 Days of Manual, Biblios 101


Piper Hansen

Dear readers,

Today, Dec. 10, marks the first day of the fourth installment of 12 Days of Manual.

Each day leading up to Winter Break, the Manual RedEye staff will publish a winter or holiday related story varying from movie reviews to gift guides to a history of winter holidays and of course, interviews with Manual students about their family’s Winter Break traditions.

We hope that with this package, we will represent the diverse viewpoints of Manual’s student population and provide them with information to make the best of cold temperatures.

In addition, editors and staffers are excited to announce a new series this year.

Biblios 101 is our newest recurring series that will explore religious and cultural holidays connected to spiritual texts. The first edition of the series will appear as part of 12 Days of Manual and will examine winter celebrations connected to passages in the Bible, the Torah, the Avesta, the Vedas and other books.

We will continue the series during second semester by covering celebrations like the Chinese New Year, Easter, Mardi Gras, Holi, Eid and many others.

If you have any additional questions about 12 Days of Manual or Biblios 101 you can contact us via [email protected].


Piper Hansen, Editor-in-Chief

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