Review: Roots provides delicious options for all tastes

Tian Chan

Since coming to Manual, l have discovered that my fellow classmates are very diverse. Some students have unfamiliar food preferences; there are vegetarians, vegans, and meat-eaters alike. Vegetarianism is hard for me to grasp, so I decided to check out Roots, a new restaurant on Bardstown Road with both vegetarian and vegan options.

The large glass windows outside of Roots suggest the restaurant’s contemporary style. Located in the former home of The Eggroll Machine, Roots is a delicious upscale restaurant.

The cream-colored furniture and well-lit ceiling made the restaurant undeniably beautiful. However, I was bothered by the harsh acoustics, especially evident when the table across the room would randomly uproar in laughter. After a young woman brought menus and water, we were left alone for ten minutes – a little too long. 

The menu had a wide variety of organic dishes, each unique in their own way. I opted for the pan-fried pot stickers and the tofu clay pot. We also got the butternut squash soup, the pan-seared ravioli, and the green papaya salad.

I liked the strong carrot undertone in the pot stickers, though, at five dollars for only four pot stickers, though, the value could’ve been a little better. The tasty butternut squash soup was very creamy and rich. The tangy green papaya salad had many distinct flavors. The delicious, delicate ravioli was presented appetizingly. Last but not least, the clay pot was my personal favorite. The broth was thick and full of mouth-watering flavors – the mushrooms were very succulent and the cilantro provided a fresh burst of herbs. Many of the vegetables, such as the tofu and mushrooms, actually tasted a lot like meat. People who aren’t so fond of veggies might get a pleasant surprise like I did.

Overall, the dining experience was very pleasant, and the food was extremely unique and delicious. The restaurant was full of crisp personality. I would definitely recommend Roots to any vegetarian, vegan, or meat lover!