Unified through basketball


Manual Unified Basketball Team meets together after their game with eastern

Jack Bell

The Eastern Eagles’ “Unified” basketball team defeated duPont Manual 29-23 on Wednesday.

Special needs students from both Manual and Eastern came together to compete with the help of student aids. Both schools made their own team to create opportunity for equality in sports.

Eastern warms up after halftime in preparation for the second half. Photo by Jack Bell.

“It means the world to [the athletes],” Danny White, Eastern’s head coach said.

Manual head coach Mina Todd hopes the Crimsons’ team will only grow.

With dozens of students in the stands, the games will continue.

“We love having all these fans here today and just want it to keep growing,” Todd said.

Unified Sports is a part of the Special Olympics Organization and works to help to break down stereotypes about kids with special needs.

“You could see it in their faces when they’d make a shot, they’d celebrate as if they’d just won the national championship,” Todd said.

Student aids who helped with the gam also loved the experience.

“You learn as much from them and have as much fun as they do,” student aid Colin Weaver (11, HSU) said. “It’s a great experience and being with these guys is something that I hope can become a regular and natural thing in society.”

Manual Unified Basketball Team meets together after their game with Eastern. Photo by Jack Bell.