duPont Manual Crimson Sound place seventh in Eastern competition


On September 17, the duPont Manual Crimson Sound placed seventh in overall competition at Eastern High School after placing second in the preliminary competition.

“The band this year is about the same musically, but is visually better [than last year],” Marching Band sponsor Mr. Jason Gregory (Band) said.

The drumline placed third in the overall competition and the color guard placed ninth.

“Our show is fun to listen to because people can tell what we are playing. Bohemian Rhapsody is a really familiar tune and our arrangement is almost identical to the original recording,” Kristen Dobbins (10) said.

The next competition is Saturday, October 1 at Morehead University. The Crimson Sound performs around 3:15 p.m. that afternoon. The entrance fee will be around eight dollars. 

Samantha Shover, the Color Guard coach, said that the performance at Eastern High School was an improvement from the first competition, and that, as long as team members keep pushing themselves and focus, they will do great at the upcoming competition.