Manual boys’ varsity soccer falls to Male in districts

Taylor Ratliff

On Oct. 11, the varsity boys’ soccer team lost to Male in the district semi-finals at Manual Stadium, after a penalty kick shootout. It was the first time in ten years that Male beat Manual in a district game. 

Male player Kaleb Bayse (10) scored the first goal in the first 90 seconds of the game and two yellow cards were given. One was for Male player Collin Jaggers and the other was given to Manual’s Chad Tevebaugh (11). Tevebaugh and Richard Ballard (12) both scored to tie the game before half-time. No goals were made in the second half or in over time. 

After being tied at 2-2 for 80 minutes, the game went into double over time and a penalty kick shootout, where Male made five kicks to Manual’s three.

The past two games that Male and Manual have played each other have also resulted in a penalty kick shootout (PKs). PKs take place when the score of an important game is tied after going through two sets of over time. Players must successfully kick the soccer ball into the opposing teams’ net in order to receive one point. After six shots from each team, the team with the most shots made wins. 

“There was a reason we practiced penalty kicks this week in practice,” Male coach Chris Barron said. “I’m just happy that we made it out of districts this year. Manual has had us jinxed, and this is the first time in 10 years that we’ve been able to go,” he said. 

“I’m still proud of my boys. We suffered from a lot of injuries during the game and we were just worn down by the end…[I’m] looking forward to another great season next year,”  Manual Coach Bob Ramsey said. 

“I felt upset, we had come so far shocked a lot of people throughout the season and I could not believe the season was over…next year I plan on working harder,” Tevebaugh said.

“It was really tough not being able to play, but you just have to come out and support your team whether you win or not,” Jacob Sloan (11) said. Sloan was the only Manual player to score a goal in the last Male/Manual varsity soccer game, but was unable to play this game due to a spinal injury from earlier in the season.

Male later lost on Oct. 12 to top-ranked St. X with a score of 5-1.