Members of the boys’ golf team will continue to practice despite the end of the season

Meredith Bell

The end of the school golf season marks the end of organized matches for the year, but many members of the boys’ team will still be practicing and conditioning on their own on a regular basis. 

Coach Bill Jackson (PE) has instructed golfers to stay in shape by doing 50 push-ups and 50 sit-ups daily. When inclement weather prevents outdoor practice, golfers will find other ways to practice. This comes in the form of a visit to the driving range or putting practice in their homes. 

“Now that the season is over, staying strong and practicing whenever I can is very important,” Dishant Chhabra (11) said. 

Harrison Hill (11) doesn’t just practice golf. He also he works at the golf course in Seneca Park. “Being on the golf team for three years now made me want to have a job that involved golf in some way,” Hill said.

Other members plan to take a break from golf in order to play another sport. Jakob Njos (11) said he needs to focus on baseball for now, but will play a round of golf whenever he has time. “I enjoy both sports, and I love how I can play golf in the fall and baseball in the spring,” Njos said.