Girls’ basketball gets prepared for state early

Erian Bradley

With basketball season set to start in December, The Lady Crimsons are practicing regularly to make sure they will make it to state championships again this year.

The season starts in December, but the team says it is getting started as soon as possible, with work on shooting and defensive skills, partner passing, and lay-ups, and well as with frequent scrimmages and stretches. “We usually practice at least two and a half hours and sometimes even for three hours,” Kayla Styles (11) said.

“Practice is going very well; it’s very competitive, and the ladies are working hard to get ready for championships,” Coach Stacey Pendleton (Social Studies) said.

Many players felt the practice was valuable, but others found it tiring as well.

“Practice is intense, and it can be fun at times, but it can get in the way of my outside activities . . . I don’t get to hang out with my friends as much, “ Alexis Paisley (10) said.

“Basketball practice is normally good; we are going hard because we are trying to go to state,” Kara Wright (12) said. “We practice how we play.

Erian Bradley is a CMA Junior at Dupont Manual High School. She loves to write about upcoming events & things that are happening at Manual. She is on the Multimedia staff.