‘Fire drill’ has a new ring to it

Ms. Allison Hunt (Social Studies) is now engaged to Captain Tom Cecil of the Louisville Fire Department after he proposed to her during a fire drill this morning in second block.


Cecil arrived in firefighting apparel on a fire truck to surprise her even more.

“He gets out of the truck and he walks over to me, I give him a quick hug and kiss because he’s at work and then I back up,” Ms. Hunt said. “I was clueless until he came towards me and then started to propose.”

Ms. Beth Stottman (Social Studies) and Ms. Merritt Robinson (Social Studies) contacted Cecil in weeks prior to help plan the surprise.

According to Ms. Hunt, Cecil was planning to propose using his friend’s hot air balloon until she figured it out, leaving Ms. Stottman to come up with a new plan.

“Him proposing to me wasn’t a complete surprise […] I actually had figured out how he was going to do it because he had given me too many clues because he has a friend, who’s also a firefighter, that has a hot air balloon,” Ms. Hunt said. “I told Ms. Stottman [about his plans] and she called him and they planned this whole new thing out.”

Ms. Hunt, overwhelmed with excitement, after saying “yes” to her fiancé’s proposal during second block. Photo by Phoebe Monsour.

Ms. Stottman said that after she talked to Ms. Hunt, she knew she had to talk with Cecil and come up with a plan that would completely surprise her.

“Originally, her pre-fiancé had another thing in mind but she sort of figured it out so we thought ‘well, we need to get her surprised because she always figures everything out,’” Ms. Stottman said. “I talked to Mr. Kuhn and Tom [Cecil] talked to Mr. Kuhn and they worked it out with his fire schedule.”

Mr. Kuhn informed Cecil about an upcoming fire drill that would occur today, April 26.

“[Cecil] staged between his firehouse and Manual and he knew what time we were evacuating so he rolled in on his truck and totally surprised her — she was clueless,” Ms. Stottman said.

Students and teachers were also taken by surprise, with some wondering if there was a real fire at the sight of a fire truck pulling up until Cecil started walking towards Ms. Hunt.


“When I saw a big swarm of people, I knew it was a proposal. Seeing that it was Ms. Hunt made my heart so warm,” Kate Ledvina (12, HSU) said. “She is the most deserving, kind person and I wish the best for her.”

Featured image courtesy of Ms. Allison Hunt.