MST hosts first ever ice cream social


Camella Korner (10, MST) and Ella Waigel (10, YPAS) eat ice cream in the senior cafeteria as some of the first participants to arrive at the event. Photo by Jaesylin Stephens.

Guest Contributor

This piece was submitted by Jaesylin Stephens (10, J&C) 

The first ever Math Science Technology (MST) ice cream social took place Thursday evening in the Manual courtyard. 

The Catalysts, an MST parent organization, donated the funds to buy ice cream and other supplies, while MST science teachers helped organize and supervise the event.

The event featured an ice cream bar, music, games and door prizes. 

Science teachers in the building opened their classrooms to MST students, giving them an opportunity to do homework, watch movies, participate in science olympiad and receive science fair tutoring before moving outdoors for ice cream. Students filtered in and out of the courtyard during the hour-long event. 

Ms. Belinda Hafell (Science) was one of the teacher coordinators of the ice cream social. She said the event would hopefully give MST students a break from the stressors and demands that come along with being in MST, such as science fair and Science Olympiad. Hafell also hopes the social event will set the competitive nature of MST aside and resolve the tension between students. 

“We wanted to give MST students some kind of chance to get together and have fun that’s not built around competition — just to build some community,” Hafell said. “It’s just eat and play.”

“It’s the first thing that’s not really competitive in MST. It’s just a hangout,” Camella Korner (10, MST) said. She commented that she hopes to see more MST social events like the ice cream social in the future. 

Spandana Pavaluri (9, MST) said that the event was a good opportunity to socialize with other Manual students early in the year. “It’s a lot of fun, and I’ve got to meet a lot of people,” Pavaluri said. 

“It’s a good way to get to know people you’ll be spending the next few years with,” James Bowden (9, MST) said. “I’m looking forward to meeting new people who have similar interests as me since we’re all in the same magnet.”

Hafell hopes that the event will help launch the magnet’s initiative to further streamline communication, and get more MST teachers involved in running MST events and extra-curriculars. 

Hafell also said that it was time for MST students and faculty to start fostering bonds and connections between one another and host their first non-academic event. “Education is a human personal-relationship thing,” Hafell said. 

Due to the large turnout of students at the event, Hafell hopes that MST will be able to host the ice cream social annually from now on.